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You will be able to find our exclusive merchandise under the eBay seller name "justforyoubaby_antiques". To go to our store now, you can click the eBay Store image on the left.

At Just For You Baby Antiques & Vintage Attic, we are dedicated to sharing antiques, nostalgic items, and other unique vintage merchandise. Our Fashion Closet offers classic vintage items such as clothing, designer handbags, accessories, and shoes.

Most of our Fashion Closet items are available on our eBay Store, however if you want to purchase these items without going through eBay, you may add these items to your cart from our Online Shoppe.

We encourage our customers to purchase from our website because we are able to offer much lower prices than on our eBay Store. Due to eBay's fees, we must cover our costs on eBay Store transactions. Since, purchases through our Online Shoppe give us significant savings in fees, we pass this benefit onto our customers. Also, don't forget that all your purchases on our Online Shoppe are protected with PayPal exactly the same as they are on eBay. None of your financial information is ever stored on our servers as the transaction is entirely handled securely through PayPal to protect all parties involved.

In an effort to offer our customers flexible purchase options, some of our merchandise is available on both our Online Shoppe and on our eBay Store. In these cases, you can view all available listed merchandise on our eBay Store below. Otherwise, you can add it to your cart from our Online Shoppe and buy it before someone else does!

Remember! Most of the merchandise in our inventory is a unique treasure, and so most often we only have one in stock. In some rare cases we have a larger stock of items.

Featured items on our eBay Store

Below are some of the featured items currently available through our eBay Store.