Our Story

Welcome to Our Story!

The name "Just For You Baby" has a special history to us. This is a phrase I say to Jane whenever I do something out of affection for her which could be as simple as getting her a glass of water to giving her a small gift and watching her eyes light up as she sees it. "Just for you, baby," is what I always say to her so she knows everything I do is for her. It's been my attempt to remind her of how special she is to me and how much it makes me happy to see her happy. It's been my way to expand beyond the words "I love you" and to let her know I'm there for her and only her.

During our time together we have wandered in and out of many small antique and consignment stores and have seen quite a few unique items which caught our attention. This image on this page is a small sampling of some of the items that we found interesting and is an example of the merchandise we enjoy sharing with our customers.

We have seen so many fascinating things, in fact, that one day Jane said, "will you give me an antique store?" I said, "Of course I will! And we'll call it 'Just For You Baby'." We laughed at the concept, but then we started talking about it more and more. Especially since we have so much fun at these stores together we decided we wanted to share these unique items with other people and perhaps help others find a treasure they didn't know they were looking for and share it with someone they love or enjoy it for themselves.

This web presence is our first step to that brick and mortar store. As much as both of us would love to quit our day jobs and run an antique store, the reality is that goal will take time to achieve. In the meantime, however, we want to offer consignment services and sale of unique items to people that will treasure them. We understand the term "antique" has been diluted to include some items which may not be antiques all the way to including furniture from 1700 or 1800. We will not claim to be dealing in the truly old items, but we do want to work with unique and possibly rare and hard to find items. Perhaps nostalgic items or items that are older than you are, but look very nice in your home.

We hope you enjoy looking through our Online Shoppe, and you decide to purchase from us we promise the experience will be smooth and pleasurable. If you decide to engage our consignment services, you will find the interaction to be honest and professional as we treat your items and desires with respect.

This site and small business has been a wonderful project for both us to create together and have enjoyed the experience. It has been amazing to watch a small idea of ours, coming from an affectionate phrase, turn into a reality. We truly hope you enjoy this site and what we have to offer.

Have fun in your treasure hunt!

Jane and Ken